AutoUnpack 4.5

This tool automates steps of the file unpacking process
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AutoUnpack 4.5 is a tool of very practical use for users, who download compressed files, which is intended to automate steps of the unpacking process. It also helps to repair such type of files while they are unpacked. AutoUnpack 4.5 works with *.rar, *.zip, *.7z, usenet binaries and it also can work with split files. This tool uses a simple yet effective unpack and repair process to guarantee that the unpacked files are error free.
With ability to warn users of free disk space and decrease the use of hardware resources, AutoUnpack 4.5 can be easily configured to perform at its best with the users’ desired settings like commanding the program to remove the source file after the unpack process is complete. It also includes a notification system to let users know about successful, warning, or error events to prevent them from being on the process all the time, so they can work on other activities.
Downloading and unpacking compressed files from web pages is not a difficult task to be performed manually, but AutoUnpack 4.5 improves efficiency and guarantees successful file unpacking by making the whole process easier, especially for novice users.

Marcelo Viscarra
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  • The program remembers what archives were already processed


  • Unlike WinZip, you can't look into specific archives
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